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  • Stefani Sassos

Healthy Eating At Holiday Parties

The holidays are right around the corner! Every store is now filled with Christmas decor and festive items for the holiday season, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet!

This time of year brings countless parties, buffets, events, and so forth. I always like to gear up my clients for the holidays with foolproof tips and tricks.

My latest article for the Archangel Michael Trumpet Newsletter features strategies to help you eat healthy at upcoming holiday parties. You can access the full article here. Below is a short snippet of the piece:

The holidays are a time of celebrating with family and friends. However, holiday occasions tend to be very food-focused. An average holiday meal can have around 2,000 calories; that amount of calories might be what you typically eat in a whole day! With Christmas shopping and coordinating plans with family, circumstances may make it tough for you to keep your health a priority. Finding a healthy balance and enjoying your favorite foods in moderation can help you stay in check during the holidays. Learning how to eat strategically and plan ahead for the holidays can leave you with a greater appreciation for the season and an overall better experience with your family and friends.

Don’t Arrive Hungry

Going to a holiday event on an empty stomach may set you up for a huge disaster. You can certainly eat lighter throughout the day to “save” some calories for a larger dinner, but make sure to stay nourished prior to the event. If you arrive ravenous and starved, you’ll likely overindulge and make poor food choices. Try an apple or small cup of oatmeal as a filling snack prior to the event.

Bring A Healthy Dish

If you’re spending the holiday at a family or friend’s home, try to bring a healthy dish as opposed to alcohol or dessert. Ask if your hostess would like you to bring a fresh green salad, quinoa dish, roasted sweet potatoes, fruit salad, or another nutritious plate. Even if your hostess has a table full of unhealthy options, bringing a health-conscious dish will ensure that you have something nutritious to eat during dinner.

Peruse Your Options

If the holiday dinner is buffet-style, take a loop around the food before you make your plate. See what items are offered, take note of everything, and then assess what items appeal most to you. Focus on vegetables and lean protein to help you create a nutritious and satiating meal. Try to resist going back for second helpings; there is always another meal ahead. Take time to enjoy your food and aim for balanced portions.

You can read the full article in the November/December edition of the Archangel Michael Trumpet on page 18 here:



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