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From my very first consultation with Stefani I knew that I found a nutritionist that was dedicated to helping me achieve my goal of living a healthier life. Stefani is extremely intelligent & knowledgeable. She is passionate, funny, sincere and encouraging. Her devotion and commitment inspire me to be the best that I can be. In the months since Stefani has become my nutritionist, I’ve become mindful of what I eat and I appreciate the clean, healthy foods that nourish me. She is a wonderful listener and has created meal plans that cater to my individual tastes and lifestyle. I readily look forward to our appointments and they never disappoint. I take home not only new and wonderful recipes, not only new ideas for healthier living, but a feeling of empowerment. Through her patience and guidance I have gratefully reached my goal weight. In short Stefani is a national treasure and I adore her!
For the past few years I have tried all different weight loss methods without much success until I met Stefani. She is intelligent; energetic; engaging and committed to her clients. I have been able to attain my weight loss goals and in the process have realized that this is a commitment to a life style change. I cannot say enough about her and can not thank her enough for all her continued support! She's the best!!!
- J.M.
I highly recommend Stefani Sassos. She is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist, very professional, with a deep understanding of nutrition and healthy living based on practical experience and formal education. She is also very caring and motivating. With Stefani’s help, I have changed my eating (and lifestyle) habits in a way that has allowed me to lose weight and feel healthier than I have in almost a decade. I have learned to make better food choices in a way that has not left me feeling deprived or limited. I can’t thank Stefani enough for both educating me and encouraging me. 
Stef is a fantastic resource for anyone who is interested in becoming healthier and looking for guidance! My (now) Husband and I went to Stef to help us on our weight loss journey. We saw her weekly for ~ 3 months and she was always available to us through text message or phone. I can say that we thoroughly appreciated her knowledge, constant support and cheerful attitude. Ultimately you have to hold yourself accountable to follow the guidelines that she lays out for you but Stef makes the information easy to digest (haha)! She found many solutions to the food problems that we presented and came up with viable alternatives. To date I have successfully lost 37 pounds and my husband 25. More than just losing weight we have made many healthier adjustments that will help us in the long run (and keep the weight off). I can not recommend her more highly and I am so thankful that we found her!
- C.D.
I’m a 39 year old mom of 13 month old twins who went to Stefani to lose the 20 remaining pounds I’d gained during pregnancy and the lengthy IVF process.  I couldn’t be happier about choosing Stefani as my dietician.  I had seen a couple of nutritionists in the past and they both had similar approaches -  first, they instructed me to log my food intake, second, they analyzed my diet and last, they provided a cookie cutter meal plan.  What I liked, actually what I LOVED about Stefani is that she worked with me to prepare a meal plan that I could actually follow and, get this, ENJOY. I also appreciated her focus on exercise and on the psychological aspect of weight loss – Stefani understands what a great role the mind plays in attempting to losing weight.  She is a great cheerleader and truly inspires her clients to do their best.
- R.P.
Stef is truly AMAZING! She makes thorough dietary recommendations based on your personal goals and is very accessible when you need her. With her help, I was not only able to significantly reduce my body fat percentage, but also improve my relationship with food overall! Highly recommend!
Stefani helped me so much throughout our time working together. She helped me manage my IBS symptoms and it still allowed me to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet. Highly recommend to anyone who needs some guidance with nutrition!
Stefani was amazing! My daughter and I worked with her and right from the start she made us feel comfortable and broke everything down for us in a way in which my young daughter could understand and relate to. She gave us tools, techniques and great tips to really make eating healthy easy!
I have been working with Stef for close to a year. She has never given up on me or my ability to be successful in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Even when I am feeling my worst, she is right there to pick me back up and encourage me. She is knowledgeable, supportive, passionate and inspiring. She truly lives what she preaches.
After a major GI surgery I was introduced to Stefani and she was wonderful in addressing my health needs and had a lot of knowledge! She is patient and kind and really wanted to help. We came up with a plan and it's working! Stefani is also great at checking in and responding to e-mails if you have any questions. I highly recommend her!!!
- L.D.
As a vegan, I thought it would be appropriate to see a nutritionist. I had no idea what to expect at first but I am so very thankful that I had the chance and privilege to have Stef as my nutritionist. I didn't know much about exercise but now I have a routine and plan for what I will be doing in order to build muscle and be more active. I am eating the healthiest I ever have and I owe it to Stef.
- E.M.
I had major acid reflux issues in the past and my friend recommended that I see Stefani to change my diet. Stefani right away knew what to do when I told her my problem and put me on a meal plan. My acid reflux symptoms quickly vanished. If you ever have acid reflux like me and want to get rid of it, I highly recommend her! She is fantastic!
- T.H.
Stefani makes eating healthy delicious and simple. I was able to implement all her tips easily  into everyday life to meet and maintain my goals!
- Anonymous
My experience with Stefani was incredible. Stefani has guided me every step of the way to a new and healthier person. I have the confidence to achieve all my goals now. Thank you Stefani!
- T.P.
Please be advised that Stefani is not accepting new clients at this time.
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