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  • Stefani Sassos

ELITE DAILY: 5 Ways To Keep The Gym Resolution You Forgot You Had To Pay For

Happy Monday loves! This is my last resolution article for 2016, I swear! :)

I'm evidently very passionate about nutrition and fitness, but I'm even more passionate about helping you set practical goals to nourish your wellbeing. However, it's easy to forget about finances and reality in the midst of planning our lavish health goals.

For those of you that are new to the site, thanks for visiting! I do a lot of work as a Freelance Writer and Columnist, and many of my articles are featured on Elite Daily. This article is my latest on resolutions and how to make 2016 YOUR year! Here is a small excerpt from the article and a link to the piece:

As a Millennial, money can get tight.

However, money isn’t part of the thought process when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions.

You vow to travel more, spend more time with friends, join a gym, eat all organic food and so on.

Then, reality sets in.

Where the hell are you supposed to find the money to pay for this new lavish lifestyle?

But, there is hope, my friends.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, there are several smart strategies that can be your best friend on a frugal journey to becoming fit.

Implementing one (or all) of these strategies will have you achieving those New Years resolutions in no time.

Read about all five strategies in the full article here:



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*This article was originally published on Elite Daily.


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