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  • Stefani Sassos

5 Tips For Navigating A Buffet

My family and I recently went on a lovely vacation in Florida. Coming from a Greek family, food is a BIG deal. We practically plan our entire vacation around when and where we are going to eat. See my beautiful family below :)

One of my father's favorite restaurants in Florida is a upscale buffet that does a clambake several times a week. Although I'm not the biggest fan of buffet-style eating, we all are faced with this situation at one time or another.

I used to go to buffets and load up my plate, then go for seconds and possibly another round. But feeling overly stuffed and disgusting after eating is never a good look. Over the years, I went through countless buffet strategies to tackle the big portions and heavy options. I've narrowed down my strategies to five stellar tips to help you navigate a buffet, and not completely derail your healthy efforts.

1. Browse

When you go shopping, are you going to buy the entire store? No; you'll browse a bit first, see what catches your eye, and then bring it to the register. Same goes for how you eat; take a walk around the buffet to see what options they have. Then, choose what looks the best!

2. Say No To Seconds

After your browse the buffet, fill up your plate with what looks most appealing, and enjoy that meal. One large plate of food is enough, going for seconds isn't necessary. Let that first plate digest before you hop back on the buffet line; a few minutes of listening to your body may show you that you are in fact satisfied.

3. D.A.D. (drink, appetizer, or dessert)

I've written about this concept time and time again. Drink, appetizer, or dessert: pick ONE! Only one people. You don't need wine AND chocolate lava cake. Choose wisely; if there is a hearty appetizer on the menu that you are dying to have, then opt out of the vino with your meal. For example, on our vacation, they had this gourmet pizza that looked UNBELIEVABLE. I took a small piece with my meal, and didn't go for dessert after my plate. It's all about compromise!

4. Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in fiber, and have a high-water content; this is the perfect satiety combination. To keep you fuller longer, fill up half of your plate with vegetables. Try a big side salad, or grilled zucchini from the buffet. With a slew of nutrients and benefits, vegetables are always a win-win.

5. Friends & Family

Focus on your friends and family, NOT food! If you're dining with your family and/or friends, enjoy the company and don't make everything food-focused. Take some time to look up from your plate, talk with your loved ones, and celebrate together.



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