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  • Stefani Sassos

ELITE DAILY: How General Mills Is Shedding Light On 'Dietainment' In A Good Way

“Are you ready for bikini season?”

“Celebrity secrets to a hot body.”

“Get skinny in just one week.”

“Ten miracle foods that really work.”

“In every situation, somebody will judge you on the way you look.”

These are all phrases from General Mills latest ad campaign, which features young girls reading common diet messages in the media.

The company coined the phrase “dietainment,” which is “unhealthy diet messages disguised as entertainment.”

This campaign and petition comes as an addition to the “World Without Dieting” movement, launched in 2013 to help replace the word “dieting” with other phrases, such as “healthy, strong, nourished and amazing.”



*This article was originally published on Elite Daily.

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