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  • Stefani Sassos

Candy, Approved: Interview with UNREAL Candy CMO Amanda Reiss!

Candy that is Stef Health Tips approved?! You know you are going to want to read about this.

I first heard about UNREAL Candy through Jillian Michaels, one of my fitness and professional role models. Today, I'm featuring UNREAL because their mission coincides with the mission of this blog- to help people live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

This company takes signature American favorite treats and "unjunks" them. Less sugar and non-GMO ingredients are some of the many benefits that UNREAL candy boasts. The ingredients are never artificial, sustainably sourced, fair trade, and organic wherever there is a real benefit. Plus, they taste AWESOME! Win-win, am I right?!

I thought this post was perfect to put up right before Easter weekend. You'll likely be tempted with the classic candy treats; why not try to make a healthier choice? After researching this company and trying the products, I 100% give them my stamp of approval. They make "healthy indulgence" possible.

We sat down with CMO Amanda Reiss to learn more about the company and give you the inside scoop!

Q: How did UNREAL start?

A: About four years ago, 12-year-old Nicky Bronner went trick-or-treating on Halloween. As usual, his health-nut parents took away the majority of his candy loot. Frustrated, Nicky asked the question, "How bad could peanut butter and chocolate really be?" After reading the labels and doing some research, he found that his parents were right - his favorite candies were filled with junk like artificial colors and flavors, corn syrup, chemical preservatives and loads of sugar. He enlisted the help of his older brother, Kris, and they began calling food scientists, chefs, and experts around the world to figure out how to "unjunk" their favorite candies. Today, UNREAL has successfully reinvented Nicky & Kris' favorite candies and is on a mission to unjunk the world.

Q: What makes UNREAL different from other candy companies in the market?

A: People have a dilemma - they love candy but today's healthier candy options just don't satisfy their cravings. By reinventing America’s favorite candies, UNREAL finally lets people experience the epic taste of the world's most delicious ingredients and be truly satisfied. With this new product line, we’re also offering innovative new twists with our ingredients like coconut, crispy quinoa, and almond butter.

Q: What is UNREAL's health philosophy?

A: At UNREAL, we want to give you better choices, without sacrificing taste. That’s why we scour the globe for the best tasting, 100% real, non-GMO, organic ingredients for our candies, with the highest standards of sourcing and production. We try to go beyond in everything that we do because we believe that living a healthier life can be fun and rewarding.

Q: What are the most popular UNREAL products?

A: The crispy quinoa peanut butter cup is a clear hit - people love the surprising crispy crunch within the smooth peanut butter. People also really like all of our dark varieties -- answering the demand for dairy-free, vegan products. We've seen the most anticipation for our candy-coated chocolates and candy-coated chocolate peanuts.

Q: What is next for UNREAL?

A: We have lots of fun things in store! From new flavor varieties on the current cups/candy-coated chocolates, to reinventing other favorites, to expanding packaging formats. You'll have to stay tuned!

Q: Where can we buy UNREAL products?

A: UNREAL is available at 1,000+ retailers nationwide including Kroger natural aisles, select Super Targets, select Whole Foods Markets, and online at Stay tuned for more retailers coming soon!

Follow UNREAL Candy:

Instagram: @unreal.candy

Twitter: @getunreal

Thank you UNREAL for reaching out to me and for the opportunity to highlight your company!



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