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  • Stefani Sassos

Thanksgiving Toning Circuit Workout

Don’t let food comas and Thanksgiving break stop you from exercising! Here is a simple full-body toning circuit you can do in the comfort of your own home. All you need is one medium weight (if you don't have weights in your home, you can even try a bottle of detergent- get creative but always be safe).

Warm-up: Sun salutations, light yoga, or another form of dynamic stretching (jumping jacks, high knees, light jogging) for at least 5 minutes. Be sre to stay hydrated throughout this workout and stop if you experience any excessive pain. Do not start an exercise routine until you have consulted with your physician. Maintain a strong core and control throughout the workout. Be sure to COOLDOWN after your workout with some light stretching.

Repeat circuit 2-3x, resting for 1-2 minutes in between circuits.

1) Mountain Climbers (x60): Start in a plank position, then alternate by driving each knee forward.

2) Triple Lunges (x10 each side): Hold a weight in one hand. Lunge forward, then to the side, then to the back. Repeat for 10 rounds, then switch legs. Stabilize your core, and focus on good form and balance.

3) Standing Chest Press (x15): Stand holding the weight in front of your chest. Push out slowly with control, then bring the weight back towards your chest and repeat.

4) Overhead Balancing Tricep Extensions (x10 each leg): Balance on one foot, then take the weight above your head for overhead tricep extensions. If the balancing component is too difficult, just do the exercise with both feet on the floor. (*tip: don't forget to engage your core in this one for optimal support and strength)

5) Incline Pushups (x15): Perform a basic pushup on a staircase incline.

6) Ab Reaches (x10 each arm): Place the weight about a foot in front of you. Start in a plank position, and reach for the plate alternating arms. Make sure to keep your core strong and controlled throughout the exercise. (*tip: try to avoid rocking your hips, and maintain a stable form)

7) Tricep Ab Crunch (x15-20): Start lying on the ground, legs slightly lifted and crossed at the ankles, and arms overhead in a bent tricep hold. Lift both your arms and knees towards your core while performing a crunch. Then return and repeat.

8) Bridge Chest Presses (x20): Start lying on the ground in a bridge position. Hold the weight at your chest, then slowly press up and return to your starting position.

9) Alternating Leg Crunches (x15 each side): Lay down in a crunch position with both hands behind your head. Alternate lifting each straight leg, while crunching opposite elbow to opposite leg.

Special thanks to my assistant :)



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