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  • Stefani Sassos

ELITE DAILY: 10 Reasons You Should Vent To Your Boyfriend, Not Your Friends

For those of you who are new to the blog, welcome! You may have noticed that recently got a makeover. I revamped the website to make it easier to navigate and to provide you all with the best experience possible when interacting with the Stef Health Tips® brand.

In addition to my focus on health and nutrition, I am a big supporter of finding emotional peace in life. Relationships and dating can often times become a complete emotional whirlwind. As a contributing writer for Elite Daily, I occasionally write dating articles to help advise those of you struggling with your emotional peace.

My latest article focuses on enhanced communication between you and your partner. Even if you have a different opinion on the subject, I urge you to read the article and see what you think. This concept has dramatically changed my life, and brought me into a happy and healthy relationship.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The best piece of relationship advice I ever received was several years ago from a good friend and mentor of mine. I was complaining about my then-relationship to a group of my girlfriends. He intervened and said, “Honey, say it to your man, not your girlfriends.”

At first, I was appalled. Excuse me? This is my business, and I can vent to whomever I please.

On my walk home, I started thinking about his comment. Say it to my man… Oh gosh, if I told my then-boyfriend how I really felt, we would’ve broken up way sooner than we did. Then it dawned on me: If I couldn’t effectively communicate to my partner, what was I doing in this relationship?! If the things I complained about were so irritating, why was I putting myself through this?

Needless to say, that relationship ended, and I eventually found a man with whom I could productively communicate. But through all of my time dating, this simple lesson stuck in my head. I vowed to stop complaining about my man to my friends, and if I had a problem with him, I would address it right then and there.

This concept has done wonders for my emotional well-being and brought me into a healthy and loving relationship.

This article was originally published on Elite Daily.



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