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  • Stefani Sassos

#MondayMotivation: Why Now Is The Time To Make A Change

Motivation... Willpower... Confidence...

I recently posted this photo to my Instagram page. Once in a while, I like to post a quote or photo with an inspirational message. This quote really stuck out to me:

"Old ways won't open new doors."

I've learned this lesson time and time again in my life. Not only has this concept played a huge role in my personal fitness and nutrition habits, but it has also proved true in my personal life.

We all have challenges in our life; however big or small these challenges may be, we know that life isn't perfect and change isn't easy. We know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new result. Just like opening new doors in life or starting off on a clean slate, we need to make an actual TRUE effort when it comes to making a positive change.

What do I mean by TRUE effort? I mean getting out of routine and maybe getting a bit uncomfortable. Change isn't supposed to be easy- changing your body and health takes CONSTANT effort and hard work. Nothing comes easy, but the rewards of prioritizing your health are LIFELONG.

People often forget to go to the gym or forget to order a healthy dish at the restaurant. Every moment you forget or neglect your health sets you back in a ginormous way.

Conversely, every moment that you prioritize and consciously choose to live a healthy life adds up to a huge, SIGNIFICANT change.

I always treat Mondays as a new opportunity to recommit to my mind, body and soul. I acknowledge the ups and downs of my previous week, and then I set an intention to make the week ahead a healthy and stress-free one. Take a moment to think about your health today. What can you improve?

Maybe you want to recommit to the gym, or practice portion control this week.

Maybe you want to focus on meal prep, or lay off alcohol on the weekend.

Maybe you want to find some time to relax this week and actually go to your first yoga class.

Make a concrete goal and crush it this week! You are fully able and capable of accomplishing your goals. Go on Pinterest and print out some inspirational quotes- tape them around the house or place one in your office as a reminder to stay constantly motivated during the week.

Tag me on social media @stefhealthtips with your healthy changes this week!



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