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  • Stefani Sassos

VIDEO: How To Make An Avocado Rose

Have you seen my most recent YouTube video?!

Many of you have been requesting this video, and I delivered! I've posted several pictures of my avocado rose on my social media pages. This is something that is much easier to learn via demonstration as opposed to written instructions. I figured a video would be more useful for you all, as opposed to a simple blog post.

In this video, I go through every step of making an avocado rose. I also explain how this can be done on different fruits, including a mango and kiwi.

Plus, there is a special guest in this video! You don't want to miss it.

If you try this for the first time, don't be nervous! You have another half of avocado to work with if it doesn't go so well the first time. Be sure that your avocado isn't too ripe, as it will not form into the shape as neatly. However, when using a mango, the riper the better.

Let me know if you make an avocado rose yourself! Be sure to post your rose on social media and tag @stefhealthtips



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