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  • Stefani Sassos

5 Ways To Avoid The Dreaded Holiday Food-Pusher

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It truly is one of the most magical times of the year. The food is spectacular, but often very overwhelming. Especially when you are making efforts to live a healthier lifestyle, all of the options can pose a great challenge. And who doesn’t have a family member or friend who just won’t stop until you try their specialty dish? They typically just mean well, but saying no to those holiday “food-pushers” can be difficult. Here are a few potential responses to help keep you on track.

1. Be Honest: While this isn’t necessarily the easiest option, you should make your best effort to be honest with that friend or family member. Explain to them that you are trying to make a change and that this change is important to you. Sometimes, they’ll actually respect your journey and maybe share their own personal health efforts.

2. You’ll Try It Later: Try telling that friend or family member that you’re too full now but will try a bite of the dish later. Usually, people will forget and let you off the hook. Crisis averted, phew.

3. Change The Subject: You can use strategy 2, and then divert that person’s attention to another subject. Any fun holiday plans you have? Maybe you can talk about their plans for the New Year? Changing the subject will often lead to that person forgetting about that food. This strategy also helps make the holiday less food-focused.

4. You're Very Full, But Would Love Some Tea/Coffee: I’ve used this tactic before several times, and it really does work. A lot of times, that food pusher just wants to offer you something and be hospitable. Let them feel important by serving you with tea or coffee, and start some conversation to avert attention away from the food.

5. Take A Bite: If steps 1-4 absolutely don’t work, and this person just won’t let it go, then take a bite. One bite of whatever dish it may be won’t ruin your diet and healthy efforts. Take that bite, enjoy it, and just be sure to continue making healthy choices throughout the rest of the occasion.



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