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  • Stefani Sassos

Hearing Your "Authentic Self"

Authentic Self

Health is a word that encompasses many facets of our wellbeing. When we talk about health, it can refer to our nutrition, physical activity, stress levels, career, relationships, and emotions. Whatever your health goals may be, whether they are short-term or long-term, it's important to always listen to your "authentic self."

If you rid your mind of everyone else's expectations of you, how would this change your goals? If you stopped thinking about jealousy and competition, how would you be able to embrace goals that are true to who you are? People, advertisements, the media.... the list goes on and on; it's easy to have our true goals and aspirations get morphed by these outside factors.

Do your goals stress you out more than they excite you? Do you find your goals involve competing with other people rather than focusing on improving yourself? Are your goals invigorating? Do your goals feel like a chore or something you can't wait to accomplish?

Your "authentic self" is the true essence of who you are as an individual; it eliminates all of the external factors and focuses on your inner being and desires.

A personal desire that is reflected by listening to my "authentic self" is my goal to travel and learn about nutrition from all different parts of the world. I don't currently travel much, but this is something that I will cultivate in my life.

If your goals had no limitations and embodied the true essence of your "authentic self," what would they be?



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