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Blogger Of The Month: Mallory Grubler of Little Light Nutrition

I’m very excited to introduce the first blogger in my “Blogger of the Month” series! I will be featuring an up and coming health & wellness blogger on Stef Health Tips every month. First up, the lovely Mallory Grubler! I personally love Mallory’s blog because it is fun, well-informed, and relevant.

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Mallory Grubler


Who Was She?

Holds Bachelor’s Degrees in both Sociology and Creative Writing from Hunter College. Previous Division III volleyball player for all four years of her undergraduate career.

Who Is She?

Creator of Little Light Nutrition. Dietetic Intern at NYU Langone Medical Center. NYU Master’s Student in Clinical Nutrition.

Who Will She Be?

Future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist!


What’s Her Blog All About?

Getting you excited and talking about everything nutrition-related, from the latest research, to fun recipes, to food culture, and teaching you about nutrition throughout all the stages of life from the most basic principles to those that appear (at first) to be slightly more complex. Knowledge is power, never stop learning.

What’s Her Health Philosophy?

Good nutrition starts with a positive attitude. Optimism and the belief that you can do anything are the first steps to bettering your health. Once you tackle the tasks of believing in yourself and setting your mind to a goal, the only thing you have left to do is to conquer it, one step at a time. And after a few steps, you'll be walking like a champ!


Fun Facts About Mallory

Favorite Food: Anything with peanut butter on it, especially if it's crunchy

Favorite Drink: Iced coffee with almond milk

Favorite Exercise: Outdoor volleyball

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Place in the World: Hawaii

Favorite Singer: Taylor Swift...

Favorite Day of the Week: Monday

Favorite Recipe Book: Against All Grain by Danielle Walker

Favorite Quote: Wherever you go, go with all of your heart

Connect With Mallory:

Instagram/Twitter: @Nutrition2L



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