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  • Stefani Sassos

Inspiration Boards!

Hi there :)

If you’re ever feeling down, picking yourself back up starts with finding a little bit of inspiration. Sometimes, you just have to make that little bit of inspiration on your own. I’m a big fan of inspiration boards because they are fun, unique, creative, inexpensive, and motivating. And the best thing about inspiration boards is that there are NO RULES! You are free to put whatever you want on your board and find what speaks to YOU.

My challenge for you this week is to think of a goal or something relevant to your life right now. This could include health, nutrition, fitness, career, love, friendship, and so much more. Find some old magazines, a big poster board, tape or glue, a scissor, and craft away! I made an inspiration board this weekend based on the theme SUCCESS. I wanted this board to focus on my current career aspirations.

Success Inspiration Board

About a year ago, I made a health and fitness inspiration board. This board encompassed everything that I wanted to strive for in terms of health. I also used pictures that embodied feelings I wanted to attain by being fit, including confidence, sexiness, and vibrancy. I hung this board over my dresser where I could see it every morning, and it was a subtle reminder to keep eating healthy, exercising, and working towards my health goals. I slimmed down and toned up my body, and feel more confident and better than ever! I still have that board hanging above my dresser to remind me how hard I worked and how great living a healthy lifestyle makes me feel.


Tweet me a picture of your inspiration board at @stefhealthtips and I hope this will add that extra spark of inspiration to your life right now.



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