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  • Stefani Sassos

Purely Elizabeth Granola

I'm always on the hunt for nutritious products to share with all of you! Who isn't a sucker for some good granola? I love mixing granola with yogurt, or even using it as topping for a baked apple dessert :)

Today, I'm reviewing one of my latest foodie obsessions- Purely Elizabeth Granola!

Although this healthy foods brand carries a variety of products, this review will focus on their Ancient Granola line. Specifically, I will be talking about their Pumpkin Fig Granola and Cranberry Pecan Granola! Thank you Purely Elizabeth for providing products for this review!

I first stumbled upon Purely Elizabeth products at Whole Foods Market. Their products are a great alternative for those looking for non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, and vegan ingredients. Purely Elizabeth uses the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to create absolutely delicious and nutritious products.

If you follow the blog, you know I am a minimalist when it comes to ingredients. What I love about Purely Elizabeth products is that the ingredients lists are pronounceable and minimal! I also love that the two granola varieties I sampled emphasize ancient grains.

Honestly, the highlight of this product is the flavor! I've tried a million different types of granola, and all either are too sweet or have an odd texture. Purely Elizabeth products have the perfect crunch and salty-sweet balance. It's just crumbly enough, but doesn't get all over the place. I even put some in a bag for a snack at work, and it was delicious and filling.

Both flavors that I sampled taste amazing, it is so hard for me to pick a favorite! I may be leaning more towards Pumpkin Fig because it's fall, and well, pumpkin everythinggggg. Just thinking that this would be amazing in a warm fall soup, yummm :)

Below is a picture of the nutrition facts for the Pumpkin Fig flavor. Calories are pretty standard for a granola, maybe even a bit on the lighter side. Low in sodium, sugar is moderate, and the protein and fiber both are substantial. Overall, the quality of ingredients gets an A+++ in my book.

Are you a fan of Purely Elizabeth? Definitely check out their website for more information about their product lines and to find their products near you!



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