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  • Stefani Sassos

Stef Health Tips Logo Announcement!

Happy Monday Loves! If you follow Stef Health Tips on social media (@stefhealthtips) you likely have already heard the good news! (Side note: if you don't follow us on social media, what are you waiting for silly?!)

I revealed the new Stef Health Tips logo last week! I'm so excited to share this logo with you all and start growing the Stef Health Tips brand.

Stef Health Tips was started in 2014 as a personal website. The idea stemmed from an inner passion to educate the public on relevant and practical wellness information. As I pursue my career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, the credibility and creativity of this brand continues to grow.

Today, Stef Health Tips encompasses all sectors of wellness, including fitness, nutrition, and general health. The mission of Stef Health Tips is to provide practical and simple strategies to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I thrive on the concept that health is dynamic and includes a balance between nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

With the revealing of our logo and official trademark registration of Stef Health Tips, I have several goals that involve delivering improved content to all of you! Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and thank you all for your continued support of this brand and dream.



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