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  • Stefani Sassos

TKTW: Love Spinning? You'll Love These Other High-Intensity Workouts

My latest article is featured on The Key To Wellness website. As an indoor cycling instructor, I know firsthand the amazing benefits that come from a cycling class; maybe it's the adrenaline or the sense of community that keeps you coming back week after week for more. Nonetheless, it's certainly an addicting workout!

If you love indoor cycling, you may benefit from incorporating other high intensity exercises into your workout regimen.

Spinning can be one of the most exhilarating workout experiences.

The high-energy, booming music, and true sense of community make it hard to beat!

If you’re a self-proclaimed spin princess (or prince), you probably take your cycling workout very seriously. Spinning is certainly no joke, and you have to be in great shape to excel at this intense workout.

Maybe you spin for the sweat, or maybe you love the friends you make at class; either way, something about the workout fuels you.

If you want your performance in spin class to improve, it’s important to incorporate other exercises to your weekly workout routine. Too much spinning can lead to burnout, both physically and mentally. Try incorporating these unique workouts into your regimen.

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*This article was originally published on The Key To Wellness.

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