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  • Stefani Sassos

Plans vs. Goals

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website and blog. I have wanted to write a blog for so long, and have finally mustered up the courage to do it! My mission is to provide you with updated, intriguing, and motivating advice on all aspects related to health.

A little bit about myself:

  • 21 woohoo

  • Nutrition Major (Go PSU!)

  • Health Enthusiast

  • Lover of KIND Bars & Watermelon

  • Proud Indoor Cycling Instructor

  • Wannabe Yogi

  • Lover of Life

  • New Yorker for Life <3

Now that you're sort of acquainted with me, my main purpose of this blog is to help YOU- to help YOU live better both physically and emotionally. I'll be posting nutrition and fitness tips throughout the week, and will also be providing my indoor cycling routine playlists to help spice up your workout.

On to the topic of this post: Plans vs. Goals. I've had a bit of a rude awakening recently, and this quote really helped me get through my discouragement:


Plans are what get you to the goal; plans being plural. You need to sometimes adjust what you originally thought was the right plan to reach your ultimate goal. No matter what challenges life may bring you, never forget your goal and don't settle for anything less. Goals aren't easy; life isn't easy. If the goal was easy to obtain, it wouldn't even been worth obtaining. Being "easy" in general takes away the fun of the chase! Having to work hard for something despite all obstacles and difficulties makes the end result so much sweeter once attained. You can never get from point A to point B in a perfect straight line; there are always bumps in the road that are going to want to push you off-course. But it's not failure or faulty plans that define you- it's how you pick yourself up when you get down. Willpower and strength over anything else leads to ultimate success in my book.


Stef <3

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