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ANTON NEWSPAPERS: Time To Supercharge Your New Year

What are your goals for the New Year? How can you make 2019 the year of lasting change in your life? Check out an excerpt from my most recent article in Anton Newspapers below:

The start of the New Year always brings about a sense of invigoration and purpose. The idea of having a clean slate can be just what you need to spark positive change in your life. Although any moment is an opportunity to initiate change, there is a collective energetic shift this time of year that provides clarity and focus for the year ahead. Here are a few strategies to help supercharge your New Year and stick to those resolutions.

Develop A Morning Routine

You don’t always need a New Year to start fresh- every moment is an opportunity to change and improve your lifestyle. Starting your day on the right note can set the precedence for success and healthy choices throughout the day. A healthy morning routine can provide structure throughout the entire year and set you up for success. Try to make at least one goal that impacts the start of your morning routine. For example, if hydration is important to you in the New Year, make it a priority to drink two glasses of water in the morning before leaving for work. This small accomplishment can provide confidence and encouragement for a healthy day.

Reflect and Connect

Creating goals on the surface is easy, but reflecting and connecting with your inner purpose and integrity can help create more nourishing goals for the body and soul. Before you start to focus on the future, it’s important to reflect on the past year. What can you learn from and bring into the New Year? Are there certain habits that you want to stop or leave behind from this past year? Reflection can help you find solutions to why previous goals have maybe failed, and what it will take to fuel your inspiration for the year ahead.

Make Concrete Goals

Vague goals often lead to inconsistent results. Your goals for the year should be meaningful, tangible, and concrete. All goals should pose a healthy challenge, but shouldn’t be incredibly far-fetched that they set you up for failure. Start by making one concrete goal for the New Year, and then develop a few smaller goals that will...

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