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ANTON NEWSPAPERS: Immune-Boosting Foods For Cold & Flu Season

Keeping our immune system healthy is important year-round, but especially during the cold winter months. Check out my latest article on boosting your immune system in Anton Newspapers! You can read an excerpt from the article below:

Cold and flu season has officially begun. The immune system works very hard to defend the body from disease-causing microorganisms. Simple steps such as hand hygiene are crucial to helping ward off the flu, but strengthening your immune system really starts with choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle year-round. Exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol, and getting adequate sleep are vital for promoting immunity.

In terms of diet, there are several vitamins and minerals that are known to help support the immune system. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc are commonly known for their immune-boosting properties. A well-balanced diet should provide all of these nutrients in adequate amounts. However, there are a few special foods that can help nourish the body and fuel your immunity this season:


Probiotics have been found to support immunity and promote healthy digestion. Kefir is a tart, yogurt-like drink that is packed with live and active probiotic cultures. Although kefir is a dairy product, it is fermented which changes the nutritional properties and makes it particularly beneficial for a healthy gut. Kefir is also high in protein and calcium. Try incorporating kefir into your diet regularly for healthy probiotics to benefit your gut microbiota. Consuming probiotics is important for replenishing healthy bacteria in the gut and protecting the body from infection.

Red Bell Pepper

Did you know that a cup of chopped red bell pepper has nearly three times the amount of vitamin C of an orange? Most of us solely associate Vitamin C with citrus fruits, but there are a variety of other fruits and vegetables that are loaded with immune-boosting vitamin C. Some excellent sources of vitamin C include red bell peppers, leafy green vegetables, Brussels sprouts, strawberries and papaya. Try incorporating red bell peppers in a lunchtime salad or...

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