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ANTON NEWSPAPERS: Five Smart Nutrition Resolutions For The New Year

January is finally here! My most recent article for Anton Newspapers is all about setting some positive goals and resolutions for this brand new year. This may be one of my favorite articles I have written thus far. Below is a quick excerpt, enjoy!

The New Year is a great opportunity to transform your health and nutrition. Try to make one commitment to yourself this year and focus all of your energy into accomplishing that goal.

You can start by choosing one of these smart nutrition resolutions to kickstart your 2018:

Track Your Food Daily

Keeping a food log can provide great insight into various aspects of your eating habits. Tracking your food holds you accountable and can make you more conscious of portion sizes. Keeping a log of your food can make you think twice before taking that extra bite of your daughter’s macaroni and cheese. This can help open your mind to sneaky extra calories you may have been consuming throughout the day. Some great food tracking apps include My Fitness Pal and MyPlate Calorie Tracker.

Get Your 5-A-Day

Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet? Most of us can benefit from an extra couple of servings throughout the day. The 5-A-Day for Better Health Program is a nationwide campaign to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to at least five servings a day. Someone who needs 2000 calories a day should consume about two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables daily. Try to get a wide variety of colors from your fruits and vegetables for a plethora of antioxidants.

Drink An Extra Quart Of Water Daily

Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body requires water to function. Not only is hydration important for weight management, but it’s essential for good health. A quick estimate of your daily hydration is simply drinking half of your...

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