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ANTON NEWSPAPERS: Calories In Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Halloween is fast-approaching! Don't let those Halloween candies get you off track. My latest article for Anton Newspapers/Long Island Weekly focuses on calories in some of your favorite halloween candy. See an excerpt from the article below.

A friend of mine made a copy of the article and posted it on her office's candy jar!

Trick-or-treating season is here. Kids are bringing home large bags of candy filled with added sugar and calories that can certainly add up. A few sweets on Halloween Day isn’t necessarily a problem, but consistently indulging can lead to some unhealthy habits.

Having a strategy in place can help you and your family avoid overeating. If you savor the flavor and enjoy a small amount of the real thing, you’ll be satisfied even with a smaller portion. There are a variety of mini and fun-size candies that are perfect for enjoying in moderation. These candies typically are under 100 calories per serving. Slow down, enjoy the treat, and be conscious of serving sizes. Try to not eat more than two or three fun-size candies, as things can add up quickly.

Below is a list of various fun-size candies and their calorie contents. The candies are listed in order from highest to lowest calories. For the higher calorie items, try to limit to only one or two pieces. For the lower calorie items, you may be able to enjoy two or three pieces for under 100 calories...

Read the full article with calorie counts here:



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