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Entrepreneur Profile: Stef Health Tips

Guest Author Hannah Carmody is being featured on the blog today! Hannah, an entrepreneur herself and the founder of, recently interviewed us for a entrepreneur profile piece. This profile provides a well-rounded view of the Stef Health Tips® brand, from the beginning stages to our future endeavors. Read on to learn about why Stefani started this brand, and for more entrepreneurial inspiration.

Stefani Pappas is the founder and creator of Stef Health Tips®! Motivated by leading a healthy and active lifestyle, Stef Health Tips® is a website and an array of social media platforms for people to follow everything about fitness, nutrition and general health.

The mission of Stef Health Tips® is to provide practical and simple strategies to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, thriving on the concept that health is a dynamic part of life.

Focusing on a balance between nutrition, fitness and wellness, Stefani founded Stef Health Tips® in 2014 as originally just a personal website and individual blog. Taking it to the next level, Stef Health Tips® now has a following on multiple social media platforms and is growing rapidly. Stefani wanted to follow her passion for educating people on living a happy, healthy lifestyle, and she has now turned it into a part-time career!

Stefani Pappas is currently a nutritionist pursuing her full career as a registered dietitian. Graduating from Penn State, she received her B.S. in Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. In her spare time, she writes for Elite Daily (a popular online magazine about everything that is trending on the Internet), is a member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, and is an Equinox Fitness Instructor. Since high school, Stefani was always an ambassador for being fit, keeping up with good nutrition and body confidence. In college, Stefani was a Penn State Fitness Instructor and continued to follow her passion for teaching others about the be-fit-lifestyle. Finding a hobby in sharing her personal insight on these topics motivated her to start her personal blog, the original Stef Health Tips®. With social media booming for start up businesses, Stefani saw the opportunity to take it to the next level. From there, it took off and she has been working hard at establishing her unique brand ever since.

“When you do what you love, you never have to ‘work’ a day in your life,” says Stefani. “Start by identifying your passion and let that be your own inspiration!”

This month, she has now officially trademarked her company name. Her #1 New Year’s Resolution for 2016 already checked off of the list!

As a solo entrepreneur, Stefani maintains all social media platforms, the website and more. Her online platform provides all news on the latest trends in health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. Stefani is in charge of all consulting and personal training. As a NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer and NCCPT Certified Weight Management Specialist, Stefani has expertise in the fitness profession. The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers strives to educate fitness professionals on personal training basics (all safe and effective!). The NCCPT creates, develops, organizes, and administers examinations that assess the knowledge and skills underlying the performance of the tasks required of Certified Personal Trainers. Individuals that successfully pass have the opportunity to become certified and verified. From that point on, many pursue careers as certified personal trainers. But through the program, they say “people are not always the same, therefore to be successful, one must also learn the ‘art’ of personal training” (NCCPT). Stefani has mastered this art and it shows in her venture.

Collaboration is another key to Stef Health Tips®’s success. Stef Health Tips® offers collaboration opportunities for companies and different organizations that are involved in health promotions. Using social media, Stef Health Tips® gives “shout-outs” to companies and other social media brands to help with promotions. Advertising on social media has become one of the best ways to get products out to the public and have them be shared instantly. Companies reach out to bloggers and purchase product review posts, sponsored posts on YouTube channels, and more. Sponsored posts through Stef Health Tips® can even include Product Recipe Posts, when Stefani posts a recipe and notes the sponsored product in her chosen ingredients. With social media posts, giveaways (free stuff for loyal followers!) and custom hashtags are the best ways to advertise through these types of entrepreneurial ventures. “Hashtagging” on social media triggers other followers to read the posts and follow them. The more hashtags a post has, the better chance at more shares and “likes,” which in social media terms means: SUCCESS!

Whether it’s mothers looking into a new lifestyle or young fitness-savvy college students that want to learn about the latest tricks of the trade, Stef Health Tips® gives individuals content that will inspire them. Customers get new ideas, easy access to all social media platforms, and a chance to work with Stefani directly on making their own personal fitness/nutrition goals. People want guidance and struggle to find the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Stef Health Tips® is that extra push everyone needs. Plus, a great sidekick that happens to fit in your pocket (via your Smartphone) while you workout or make your meals.

Looking towards the future, Stef Health Tips® plans on expanding into the commerce field with merchandise, possibly even some branded fitness apparel. With the website expanding to commerce, social media developments are hoping to include new fitness and nutrition plans to purchase as well. Multiple entrepreneurs are taking nutrition and fitness plans to a new level of business. In this era, many people are fitness-obsessed and love to keep up with all health trends. For Stefani, this expansion opportunity would make her a front-runner in the business.

Stefani Pappas is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs with a passion for something in life. Whether you love fitness inspiration or not, she is a definitely an entrepreneur that is destined for major success in this industry. As a fellow entrepreneur, I am truly inspired by her recent decision to get her logo and company name trademarked. Although it took some time and a little extra work, Stefani said it was one of her biggest goals for the New Year. Starting with a little push from her family, she took on the task and was committed to the end result: trademarking her brand name and developing a new logo. Through this process, Stefani feels more official and confident when she posts her latest photos or works with newer clients. Plus, her brand is becoming more recognizable and the logo is helping define what her company stands for.

Stefani says, “Stef Health Tips® is driven by the positive impact that I hear from clients and social media followers.” For Stefani, a text from a client making one of her recipes or a simple “thank you” post from a social media follower is the motivation she needs. Her company allows her to learn new things everyday, share those findings and then help people along the way…what could be better?!


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