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Workout Playlists On SoundCloud

What's a workout without some good music? As a fitness instructor, I strive to motivate my clients through effective coaching and upbeat music. This may stem from my musical background, but I truly think that music can play an essential role in every aspect of our lives. I've definitely had moments where the right song comes on and I'm able to push through a final set of power snatches. Implementing music in your workout might be just what you need to mix things up.

The FITNESS page features my workout playlists for the fitness classes that I teach weekly. I try to incorporate the latest music and fun remixes to keep my clients energized during class. If you check out the FITNESS page on Stef Health Tips, you may notice that it has recently been revamped! Instead of listing the songs, I have decided to post every playlist on my SoundCloud page.

If you follow Stef Health Tips on SoundCloud, you can listen to my workout playlists for FREE! Just follow the page, press play on the designated playlist you wish to listen to, and you have 45-60 minutes of nonstop workout jams!

My wish is for the SoundCloud playlists to be an easier form for you to practically implement into your workout routine. Be sure to follow the page and keep an eye out for new playlists weekly.

Will you listen to the playlists on SoundCloud? Let me know what you think on social media @stefhealthtips



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