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MEO: Refresh Your Life With Essential Oils

Do things seem boring around the house? Are you looking for some invigoration to spruce things up? Do you love fixing problems yourself?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, it’s time to jazz up your surroundings with some essential oils.

Miracle Essential Oils are perfect for refreshing things up at home. They can be used in countless DIY tricks to give things a more personalized and authentic aroma.

If you have essential oils lying around the house, there are lots of unique ways to enjoy them beyond standard (but amazing) aromatherapy. Plus, who doesn’t love a trendy and fun DIY idea

Here are a few household and beauty hacks to explore this week!

1. DIY Dryer Sheets

2. DIY Reviving Shampoo

3. DIY Honey Body Scrub

4. DIY Sleep Spray

5. DIY DeStress Body Lotion

6. DIY Gym Bag Spray

For the full DIY instructions and article, click here:



*This article was originally published on Miracle Essential Oils.

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