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TKTW: 5 Ways To Detox After The Holidays & Have An Awesome New Year

It’s 2pm on New Year’s Day and you’re still hungover…

Now, you’re regretting stuffing your face with Grandma’s pecan pie on Christmas Day and drinking yourself to oblivion on New Year’s Eve.

It seems as though the holidays are a non-stop food & alcohol fest. First, we eat, then we drink; then, we continue to eat and drink more. From Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, health is totally on the back burner.

How unrealistic is it that people expect to have this crazy New Year’s Resolution to lose 50 pounds, but they’ve been spending the past month eating junk and throwing away all of their healthy efforts?

Do you think on New Year’s Day you’re going to wake up and go straight to the gym? Not after those New Year’s tequila shots you won’t…

As corny as it may sound, health is truly a lifestyle! You can’t expect to undo years of junk food and couch-sitting damage in one day.

But, alas, there is hope if this is the year you really want to make a change. Even if you pigged out over the holiday season, there are certain ways to “detox” and bring in the New Year the right way.

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*This article was originally published on The Key To Wellness.

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