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MIRACLE ESSENTIAL OILS: How To Make Your Own Vapor Rub At Home

Although fall is a wonderful time of year, the change in the seasons often brings about changes in our health.

The colder weather can suppress the immune system, leading to the sniffles, coughs, and so much more. Not only is the common cold unpleasant, but it also can wreck havoc on your everyday routine.

Doing what you can to improve your immunity is crucial all year round, and especially during the winter months. Dressing warmly during the winter months, maintaining your hygiene, and eating a well-balanced diet can help strengthen your immunity. However, it’s important to be equipped if the common cold starts to take over.

When you’re in the midst of suffering from a cold, you may remember the classic vapor rub you used growing up. Vapor rub is a topical ointment that helps break up your cough and cold symptoms, and can really do the trick when you or the kids aren’t feeling so well. Rubbing a small amount of vapor rub on your chest, throat, and sometimes below your nose can be very therapeutic. Vapor rub can also provide temporary relief for minor aches or pains in your muscles and joints, according to WedMD.

Whipping up your own homemade vapor rub is simple, easy, and affordable. Made from all natural ingredients and the best Miracle Essential Oils, this homemade vapor rub may be just what the doctor ordered.

For the DIY Vapor Rub recipe, read the full article here:



*This article was originally published on Miracle Essential Oils.

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