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VIVOGREENS: Give Your Mornings a ZING! With Our Zinger Smoothie Recipe

After a busy work day and practically no sleep, your alarm clock suddenly wakes you up. Feeling exhausted, you slowly roll out of bed. You sluggishly manage to grab a cappuccino on your way to the office to keep you awake. You ravage a donut for breakfast, and it’s a downward spiral from there.

How we start our day is crucial when it comes to our health.

Every morning is a new beginning. Prioritize your health, get enough sleep at night, and start your morning off the right way with a refreshing drink that will keep you alive and energized!

Your first drink of the day should have a healthy zing to it. The simple combination of fresh ginger and a few other natural ingredients make this Zinger Smoothie a must try!

Read the full article and recipe here:



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