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PRODUCT REVIEW: Premier Protein Bars

I have to start out by saying that I already liked this company just by browsing their website; they place a key emphasis on nutrition. They have a protein calculator on the website, as well as more information on when you need protein most throughout the day.

I always do a quick label check before I eat any bar; I was very impressed with the short ingredients list compared to those of its competitors. You can pronounce every ingredient, and actually know what is going into your body.

Anddddd today is National S'Mores Day! Who didn't love S'Mores growing up as a kid? Better yet, who doesn't still love S'Mores? For a protein packed S'Mores, swap out the chocolate and replace it with half of a Premier Protein Double Chocolate Crunch bar. Flatten the chocolate and a warm marshmallow in between 2 graham crackers and enjoy this yummy treat.

Now, I base my criteria on 3 principles that seem most relevant to me: taste, price, and nutrition. Here we go!

The Double Chocolate Chip was like a giant chocolate bar. OMG, I was in heaven. Chocolate Peanut Butter was also a favorite. Chewy, nice texture, and the aftertaste wasn't as strong as most bars. My boyfriend Polydoros loved the Dark Chocolate Mint, and my sister Karalyn thought the White Fudge Raspberry was the best. They have several different flavors, accommodating for everyone's taste buds.


Moderate price, pretty comparable to other bars. $1.99 per bar online, they go for as low as $0.97 in the Sam's Club variety pack based on my research. Like most bars, if you buy in bulk, you'll get a better price.


The protein in these bars takes the spotlight. 30g?! That's over 50% of your protein needs for the day, in one bar! Carbohydrates and fat are fairly comparable to other bars of its kind (total fat is lower than some). I do wish that there was a bit more fiber in these bars, although it is still considered a good source of fiber. Sugar content is moderate. However, they do have a line of Premier Protein Fiber Bars- I did not get an opportunity to try these, but those bars may warrant a 5/5 rating! Minimal ingredients compared to other bars, which is a HUGE plus. I consider these a great post-workout recovery large snack. This is also a good breakfast-on-the-go if you're in a rush. These bars have a high caloric value, so don't treat this as a light snack if you are trying to watch your weight. I had the Chocolate Peanut Butter and a glass of water at work, and that kept me very full for most of the workday.

Overall Stef Health Tips Score: 4.8/5 :)

Positives: Texture, Minimal Ingredients, Flavor Variety, Protein, Price, Good Source of Fiber & Calcium

Negatives: High Kcals

(Premier Protein Fiber Bars offer more fiber and less kcals- WIN WIN!)

A special thanks to Premier Protein for sending us their bars to sample. I would have more pictures, but everyone ate them too fast ;)



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