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Blogger Of The Month: Fit2veganchick Amber Deemer

A very special welcome to Amber Deemer, January's Blogger of the Month!

Amber, also known as fit2veganchick, is an amazing vegan blogger and Instagram sensation. Amber is a true success story and proof that focusing on your health can change your life around. I love Amber's creative vegan recipes and enthusiasm for nutrition. Here is a Q&A we did with Amber, check it out!

Q: Why are you interested in nutrition?

A: My interest for nutrition arose when I was at my unhealthiest. As a petite 5’3”, 240-pound freshman at Penn State, pre-diabetic and diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; I knew I had to change my life before it was too late. That is when I began changing my eating and physical activity habits and when nutrition became a lifestyle. I began substituting my diet with whole grains, lean forms of protein and fish; I added more fruits and vegetables and rid my diet of negative-calorie foods. After a year, and with a loss of 100 pounds, I began following a plant-based diet. My once love for cooking reappeared and I began cooking as a way to fuel my body, run two half-marathons, rid my body of PCOS, and eliminate my risks for diabetes.

Q: What's the purpose of your blog/instagram?

A: To share my love for plant based foods, running, and my faith with the world. I began my Instagram account solely as a way to keep myself accountable. It was a way for me to stay connected with like-minded individuals who wanted to change their lives as well. Today, my Instagram blog has blossomed into something more than I could have imagined. I have gained friends from around the world, made connections with chefs and those in the food industry, connected with weight loss success participants from shows such as the Biggest Loser, and expanded my love for food!

Q: What's your health philosophy?

A: Health and fitness is a way of life. Fuel and nourish your body with the food you provide it. I am a firm believer that the food you eat is your medicine. Food is more than something you prepare and eat; it’s a way to fuel, cure and replenish your body. Fuel your body with natural and whole foods, be physically active and do what you love.

Q: What are your personal goals?

A: My personal goals are to be a part of the current movement to change the way this nation and the world view plant-based foods, to be a world-class chef, and to follow in the paths of those whom I aspire. Rich Landau, Tal Ronnen, Tanya Petrovna, Chloe Costelli, Isa Chandra Moskowitz and my mother to name a few. Attend the Natural Gourmet Institute, publish a cookbook, run a marathon and just follow my dreams.

Fun Facts About Amber

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Restaurant: Native Foods

Favorite Spices: Rosemary, Sage, Cumin and Curry Powder

Favorite Hobby: Skiing

Favorite Vacation Spot: Taos, New Mexico

Favorite Cookbook: Isa Does it by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Favorite Exercise: Running

Favorite Childhood Memory: Living and raising animals on a farm

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Store: Whole Foods

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