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Natural Detoxing

Whether you stuffed yourself over the holidays or indulged too much over the weekend, detoxing is a great way to refresh your body and get back on track. I’m NOT a fan of crash diets and intense cleanses; however, I am an advocate for daily detoxing strategies. You can detox on a daily basis without starving yourself by incorporating a few simple habits into your routine. Here are some of my favorite natural detoxing tips:

Warm water: Every morning, I start my day by sipping on warm water (I also sometimes add lemon to this for a bit of flavor). Warm water is great for stimulating peristalsis and getting your GI tract moving. Lemon is alkaline-forming and adding this to your warm water in the morning can help balance out the acidity of foods you consume. I also like this strategy because it helps me start the day off on a healthy note. Even drinking warm water throughout the day is great for keeping your digestive tract healthy; be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to optimize detoxification.

Go Organic: Whenever you can, try to buy mostly organic food to lighten the toxic load on your body. Try your local farmer’s market to buy fresh, local and organic fruits and vegetables directly from a grower. Look for the USDA organic seal in the supermarket. Choose USDA organic seal products in the supermarket whenever available.

Reduce Sweets & Processed Foods: Ideally, detoxification will thrive if you eliminate added sugar and processed foods from your diet. However, even reducing your consumption of these foods by a little can help regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce toxins in your body. Try substituting a processed snack with a piece of fruit, or reducing portion sizes of those indulgent foods. I always say that even a small change is significant.

Vigorous Exercise: Increasing respiration, circulation, and perspiration through vigorous exercise supports healthy detoxing. The CDC recommends 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity every week in addition to muscle-strengthening activities. This can include running, swimming laps, cycling, jumping rope, hiking uphill, aerobic dancing, and a slew of other exercises. Pushing into your vigorous intensity zone will help increase circulation and carry away accumulated toxic matter.

De-stress: We simply cannot control all the factors that cause stress in our lives. However, taking time daily to breathe and relax is vital in living an emotionally and physically healthy life. Unwind with a few yoga poses at the end of the day, or enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea while reading your favorite magazine. Lavender is a calm and relaxing herb frequently used for anxiety and insomnia relief. Rub 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil into your hands, and inhale through your nose for an immediate calming effect.



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