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Working Out and Breaking Out

Exercise has a slew of health benefits, including its contributions to healthy skin. Working out promotes healthy circulation and increases blood flow to help nourish your skin cells. However, acne and other skin problems can often be exacerbated by sweat. Here are a few tips to keep your skin clean and glowing while working out:

1) Hydration: Drinking plenty of pure water during the day is important, but working out makes hydration even more crucial. Make sure to constantly stay hydrated and sip water gradually throughout your workout.

2) Pull Your Hair Back: If you have long hair, make sure to pull it back and keep it out of your face during your workout. Hair, skin, and sweat friction can lead to irritation. I also like to wear a headband or carry a sweat-towel with me when I workout to help keep the sweat from dripping on my face.

3) Take Off Your Makeup: Makeup typically contains ingredients which could clog your pores, especially while working out. Wash your face before hitting the gym to avoid breakouts. In general, make sure your makeup and skin products are noncomedogenic (oil-free, won’t clog your pores). If you are afraid to go makeup-free, read my recent post on natural beauty.

4) Moisture-Wicking Clothing: Wicking fabrics help draw moisture and sweat away from your skin; moreover, this helps the sweat evaporate more quickly. This type of workout clothing allows the skin to breathe and helps combat clogged pores.

5) Shower Immediately: Try to shower immediately after your workout to help clean your pores. Use a scrub or loofa to help exfoliate the skin and prevent breakouts. If you absolutely don’t have time to shower immediately after your workout, carry a few baby wipes with you to clean your body and portable oil-absorbing sheets to tend to your face. You can also use some dry-shampoo to spruce up your hair. This should be enough to tide you over until you get back to your place to take a quick shower.

There aren’t many skin-related songs out there, but here is my favorite recent workout remix:



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