• Stefani Sassos

Natural Beauty: No-Makeup Secrets!

Makeup: sure, it can make you look beautiful, but being secure with your natural beauty is the key to looking AND feeling radiant. I’ve been noticing a lot of celebrities recently posting makeup-free selfies, and I absolutely love this! I typically don’t wear much makeup during the day, and I have picked up a few natural beauty tips to help you feel confident and beautiful just the way you are.

-Maintain Your Brows: Brows are arguably one of the most important features on the face; not only do brows frame your gorgeous eyes, but properly maintained brows can add structure to your face. I personally get my eyebrows threaded, but there are plenty of salons that offer waxing and other brow maintenance services. Just get them done, preferably every 3-4 weeks.

-Moroccan Oil: I love to run Moroccan Oil through my hair after a shower because it helps strengthen and shine those luscious locks. If my ends are ever looking dead, a touch of Moroccan Oil can add some liveliness. You can also put oil on your ends before you go into the shower to help prevent split ends and damage.

-Cuticles: If you don’t have time to get a professional manicure every week, don’t walk around all day with chipped nail polish (sorry, but not hot). Just take your nail polish off, let your nails breathe, and rub your cuticles with some nourishing oil. I always have olive oil in my apartment, and will dab a bit on my fingers and massage into my cuticle beds. I leave the oil on for a few minutes, then wash my hands and moisturize. You’ll notice your nails looking healthy and stronger.

-Moisturize: Hate to break it to ya, but no one likes cracked skin or lips. You can buy an inexpensive facial moisturizer at the drugstore (I use Cetaphil) and a nourishing body moisturizer for immediately after you get out of the shower. Make sure to always carry lip balm with you; I like to use a tinted lip balm (I use Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Rose) for a bit of color and nourishment. Especially in the winter months, don’t skimp on moisturizing.

-Biotin: Most multivitamins have biotin in them, so if you take a daily multi, then you’re good. However, make sure you take a multi or try a biotin supplement. Biotin can help strengthen healthy hair, nails and skin. This will keep you looking and feeling vibrant.

-Scent: The way you smell can have a profound influence on attraction. I have a signature perfume that I always wear, but if you’re not willing to spend money on expensive perfume, you can buy an affordable body spray from any local drugstore or beauty store. Also, Listerine Strips- your new best friend. Pack them in your purse; nothing is worse than bad breath.

-Own It: Always know that you are beautiful both inside and out; if you believe this and exude confidence, that’s the only beauty asset you really need :)




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